Hi all just to let my loyal customers know that I will be taking maternity leave from the 4th of June, this unfortunately means that all the frames I make will have a lead time of six weeks. Everything else will be 3 weeks I apologise for the inconvenience but hope you will understand, Love first time mummy to be, Lana x

led lights can be added

🎀🎀🎀Beautiful deep box frame 🎀🎀🎀
A very unique and special gift
 Frame size 9/9"  with own stand and scrabble tiles

Battery operated led lights optional
Please message me first if you have any special requests.
Your colour preference of buttons ( I will always try my best but sometimes the colours vary )
Please can you give as much detail for each person in the boxes provided for example :
Rough age
Hair colour/length/straight/curly/wavy
preferred button colour
tallest or shortest.